Evelyn By 21 Months

After the May stomach virus, I took the bottle away

And, then a few weeks later, I insisted that we leave your paci's in your bed for nap and bedtime.

You were running away from me when I was getting you and Spencer loaded into the car, and when I told you to get in your seat you ran away saying "No!" So, I got your hand, and I squatted down, and told you not to tell me "No," but to say, "Yes, Mom." I was keeping it fairly up-beat and light, yet firmly explaining the expectation (that you already know). And you looked me right in the eyes and said, "No, Mom!" Not with a frown or a scream, though there are plenty of those floating around these days; but with a serious face and a slight glimmer in your eyes. And, like a rookie, I let it surprise me. It's a wonder kids get raised at all considering how dumb people automatically become once they have children of their own! Things that never would have surprised me from someone else's child still genuinely catch me off guard.  And, to be honest, there are many, many times a day that you tell me, "Yes, Mom," and go on to grin and do what I've told you to do.

I've felt like you were only a one year old for about a month, and then you somehow quickly morphed into a two year old. So, it seems appropriate that we've now hit 2 1/2 year old territory. We're going to make it, but I know there will be lots learning opportunities for us both, as well as good stories, along the way.

Cute quote: "Drinkin' coffee, Mommy?"

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