Evelyn Rose As A 20 Month Old

Evie Roo, you still love to help, especially when it means we are leaving the house. You love to get dressed, get bags packed, and when I tell Spencer to get his shoes on, you often go get them before he does and start putting them on for him. He's starting to appreciate this set up, and smiles delightedly and tells you "Thanks, Evie!" Y'all are quite a pair.  You love to hi-ya!, sword fight, play chase, and build forts with him, but you also love you baby dolls and you try to diaper them, change their clothes, wrap them up in blankets, and take care of them.

At night, you love to be tucked in with a collection of goodies, including your pacifiers, blanket, pillow, cup, two of Spencer's stuffed dog Natalie got him from Ikea, your Owl from Nana, your Violet dog who plays night time songs, and your baby doll along with its cup, bottle, and paci.  When I put you in your crib, you lay your head down on your pillow, and then you want to be covered up with a blanket. You sometimes sleep in your big girl bed with no problem, but we're still working on getting you to sleep all night long, so we haven't switched you over yet.

Spencer finally convinced us to let you guys play in the hose in May. It was not very hot yet, and you were freezing; but you so wanted to be involved.  Even when you were shivering and turning purple, you would not let me wrap you up and carry you inside.  When you saw me taking your picture, you said, "Cheese" with Spencer.

You already really enjoy accessorizing. The picture above is an example of your current style. After I get you dressed, you tell me, "Bow?" and we find you a bow. I have to be really quick or you start picking out all sort of clippies and head bands, along with paci clips (which you think are an accessory), and once you've decided you want to wear something specific, we usually just go with it. You're not easily swayed. You don't like to wear a pony tail very much. Sometimes if we're busy enough you'll leave it in, but as soon as we get home or you get still in your car seat, you pull it out.

You miss Spencer when he is at gone, but you do like playing with his toys without harassment.

You still LOVE Barney, and you really singing songs and dancing or doing the motions.  You love "Mr. Sun," "Skin-A-Marinkee Dinky Dink," "Itsy Bitsy Spider," the "ABC Song," "Wheels On the Bus," and "If All the Rain Drops." Anything you can do motions to, you really love. You like it when I sing a song and let you fill in the last word to each phrase.  I pause and you sing the missing word while smiling really big.  You do not like for games, songs, or movies to be over.

When I got home from a quick trip to Savannah, you ran up to me and said, "Hold me!" After that you have had an expressive language explosion. It's so fun to hear your little voice sound like a big girl. Some of your favorite phrases are "Spencer, aaaaaare yoooooouuu?"  "T'Mon, Da--ee, sit here."  And "'Mon, Ma-ee" along with "Clean up."  

You did so well with your Dad, your Aunt Natalie, and our church friend Holly while I was gone. I missed you so much, but I was so proud of you. They said you didn't fuss at all at Sunday School, or with Nat or Holly. You're growing up so quickly.

Also, waiting for me to get home from Savannah was the stomach virus. You and Spencer both had it the night I arrived, but Daddy and I managed to miss this one.