Christmas 2011

This Christmas was not "the one where we emphasized taking amazing pictures,  however, it will be fondly remembered for many other reasons.  It was Evelyn's first Christmas, and she and Spencer both were surrounded by family who love them so much.


Spencer Went To A Movie

for about twenty minutes.  Yep, that's the length of the previews.

Thankfully, no one expected a long outing, so he was not treated like a failure when he looked at his Daddy and said, "Ready to go!"

He enjoyed the big movie posters.  He sampled some treats, but didn't really partake.  Such a guy.      

Who can sit there with a bag of M&M's and not over indulge?  Not me, that's why we don't keep bags of candy at the house.  

And Icees are typically a favorite, but I think the previews were a bit distracting--and a few may have been a bit anxiety provoking.

Upon arriving at home, he announced he was "ready to go outside and play."  We'll not think about the price disparity between these two activities.  Nana loves him, and it was her treat.

Thankfully the Christmas Eve service won't have twenty minutes of previews.


A Second One Hits Three Months

It just happens.  Days turn into weeks, and weeks turn into months.  And whether you're sleeping, or livin' on Diet Coke and dark chocolate, the days just keep on comin'.  And, honestly, I like to watch my babies grow up.  The first year is truly an awe-inspring thing.  It'd be hard to believe something intelligent, other, and bigger than me didn't design it and doesn't sustain it perpetually.

At three months (but thirteen weeks!), Evie Roo generally rolls with the punches pretty well.  And thankfully, all of the punches have been figurative up to this point.  Things she does not roll with include riding in the car seat, being put off if she's hungry, and occasionally she decides that she has had enough of Spencer's oft loud antics.  A few evenings ago, he screamed and jumped simultaneously, landing a foot away from where she was sitting in her bouncy seat, and she was terrified.  She screamed 'til she was purple.  She wouldn't stop no matter what we did.  After five minutes or so, she finally calmed down.  About thirty minutes later, he came into the room where she was, and he just talked, at a regular volume; and she started to wail all over again.  She was not ready to forgive him just yet; and she'd had enough Spencer for the evening.  It was sad, hilarious, and probably a little peek into the future all at the same time.

She had a good run of sleeping eight hours at night.  I bet she did it four or five nights in a row, but for the past four or five, she's been up after 6, then every 3 again, just like the daytime.  I'm so hoping she finds her groove again.  Sleep is addicting, you know--at least for adults.

She goes on little talking sprees, and it is precious.  She likes chewing on her hands, and she doesn't love being on her tummy.  If she's not hungry or tired, she'll let most people hold her.  When she needs to chill out, she likes to be swaddled and laid down beside wherever I'm sitting.  She will some times just lay there sucking her paci 'til she drifts off to sleep.  Unfortunately, this only works after Spencer is in bed, not if he's still runnin' around.

She will sit in her bouncy seat for short stints, and her love for the swing seems to be dwindling; but she happens to be sleeping in it for the first time in a week or so right now, so who knows?

My little matryoshka doll  =)
She is losing her hair, but she still has quite a lot right now since she was born with a ton of it.  Her eyes are still greyish-non-color.  So, it's anyone's guess how they'll turn out.

She was such a doll at the Richardson Family Christmas, which we celebrated last weekend.  My aunts, cousins, sisters, and brother-in-law took turns passing her around the whole time, and she did great.   It's a whole new world with this one!  She laughed at Jonathan a week or so ago, and it was precious.  She can and does smile at us, but she's not extremely easy to amuse.  I think half of the time she's a little scared (of Spencer).

Her skin issues are less severe, but still persisting.  Baths are not her friend.  Every time she gets one, all manner of skin issues recur.  I think we're officially done with them.  Ha!

She's going to have a (hopefully fun) little photo shoot with one of my long-lost friend's baby girl tomorrow, and I can't wait to see if we manage to get a good picture.  If so, it'll be a perfectly timed three month shot.  I'm slowly but surely getting the finishing touches on her nursery, and it is fun in there!  She's getting some very special additions to it for Christmas, and I can't wait to get it where I feel like it's "finished."  She is a loved little girl.

cutest babies ever from Portrait Innovations
cutest babies ever take II from Portrait Innovations
I agree with many friends and psychologists that it's important to not over-stress the importance of appearances, especially as it pertains to little girls; but it'll be years before she can read this, and I have to say, girl is precious.  I mean, seriously.  She looks like a little baby doll.  She has a perfect little round head, high cheek bones, precious almost almond-shaped eyes, and perfectly pinkish little lips.  She has always looked a little exotic to me.  She's precious in His sight, and He made her to look like she does, so I'm gonna go ahead and appreciate it.  Don't worry, when the time comes, I'll tell her she's smart, athletic, and most importantly, intrinsically valuable.  Ah, the politics of having a little girl.  Already wearing me out.

Hopefully I'll capture a little bit of her beauty digitally and get it uploaded before she's four months.