"May have Monday"

I may have stayed in bed long past acceptable "mommy" rising time thanks to my husband who stayed home this morning after being gone all weekend for work.  I may have dragged myself into the shower for the first time in a week.  I may have, yet again, turned a blind eye to the pieces of leaves, dirt, and other nonsense littering the floor around our carport door, gingerly tip-toeing for the sake of my newly-cleaned feet.  I may have forgone any sort of beauty regimen, only managing to brush my teeth and put on clothing appropriate for hosting any emergency personnel should the need arise.

I may have let my toddler proceed to peel and eat an entire banana while walking around our house.  He may have ground the last quarter of it into the carpet with his maverick-y little foot.  I may have disciplinarily punted, telling him, "We don't squish bananas into the carpet.  Next time, you're going get a spanking."  He may have not even cared.

I may have helped him with his shape sorter and laughed as he perfectionistically lined up every shape, utterly bereft whenever he was incapable of getting each specific groove of one shaped block to sit flush or be inserted into the groove or lack thereof of the shaped block he attempted to "lock into place" next to it.

I may have concluded this particular morning's audition for mother of the year by sweetly and calmly rocking my toddler for five or ten minutes and then laying him in his bed.  I may have been so naive as to think that he'd drifted off to sleep just in time to hear him calling me from underneath his doorway.  (He may have, of late, grown accustomed to a few curtain calls at nap and bed time.)  I may have decided that today was not his lucky day.  He may currently be asleep on the hardwood floor.

I know what you're thinking.  But there's one thing that could make sense of this whole, sad, pitiful morning of neglecting our home, my appearance, and some arguably pivotal child-rearing moments.

I may have something to announce.

I'm pregnant.

This post has been brought to you compliments of Emily's "Mayhave Monday" link up, and of course, my pregnancy hormones.


"Fun Friend?"

We have been snowed in.  We have been slightly sick.  And we are officially sick of being snowed in and sick.

Bright spot?  My sweet friend Emily paid me the ultimate compliment by asking me to write something for her blog series "Fun Friend Friday."  She likes to focus on "keepin' it real" by talking openly about issues and struggles and what to do (or not do) with them.  My post doesn't make me sound like a very "fun friend," but I did manage to keep it pretty real.

Thanks so much for the opportunity, Em!