Top 5 Favorite Places We've Found Pacifiers

#5--In the floor of Papa Kurt's suburban next to an old, wet diaper

#4--Inside Spencer's pumpkin onesie after he'd refused to take a nap

#3--In the foot of Spencer's jammies when he was only 2 months old

#2--On top of Aunt Hillary's bed where Spencer managed to throw it from his pack 'n play while I was trying to get him to take a nap

#1--Inside my Sperry when I was trying to put it on to go to work

Where's the best (or worst) place you've ever found a paci?


  1. I've never found a paci in a weird place - our house is the black hole of pacis - they disappear into a vortex or something.
    But one time a Wal-Mart associate chased us down in a Neighborhood Market with a paci that Penny had thrown down aisles ago - we were easy to find because we the only screaming-child family in the place. Embarrassing.

  2. This morning actually...as I was frantically searching for my wallet...(ask Jonathan). I looked between the box springs and the wooden side rails of the bed (imagine the dog hair!!!) only to find a passy? Seriously gross. Sidebar-wallet was in closet in bathroom under a stack of ben's towels. RANDOM!

  3. I LOVe your blog. I found it last night after you posted on mine and I read every word you've written (@ 3 in the am while I was nursing)! The grocery store entry made me laugh! I've so been there. And I too had a baby like Spencer who wouldn't sleep anywhere. Oh what fun. Never a dull moment. I'm excited to read about all your mom adventures.


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