About One Year Ago and Now

Dearest Little Spencer,

I got my teeth cleaned today, and it reminded me of how old you are. I last got them cleaned about a year ago, and I had to have some fillings. It was a big deal because I was still nursing you, and we weren't totally sure about the local anesthetic. It was also a big deal because I couldn't breath through my nose at all while they did the fillings because I wast still nursing you, and lastly it was a big deal because someone else had to take care of you while I had it done and you still refused to take a bottle.

Last night, I gave you your bath. You played and talked to yourself so sweetly. It was 8 o'clock, so you were exhausted, and after you'd had your fill you calmly stood up at the edge of the tub, looked me straight in the eye, and signed "finished" with a matter of fact look on your face. It was so precious. I love it when you will "tell" me what you want instead of screaming. It's just the best feeling to know that we are communicating effectively to one another.
I looked back at your Baby Book Word document that I have going. Hopefully someday it'll get transferred to your actual baby book. I thought it'd be fun to read what you were doing this time last year.

"5 Months:
I started working 1 day a week, while you stayed with your Gigi at your house. You would eat just enough from her not to starve during the day [if I remember correctly, about 4 oz], but you never cried, so we just went with it.

May 9, 2009
Mother's Day Weekend we took you to Fox Ridge to visit your Great Grandmother Joann. I dressed you in a pink oxford button-down shirt which was so cute, but it was very confusing to most of the nursing home residents who kept asking me if you were a boy or a girl. I should have known better. Joann held you for quite a while and really enjoyed seeing you, me, and Daddy.

May 14, 2008
Your first road trip! We took you to Birmingham to see the Hankins. You were a little out of your element and still having a lot of trouble taking the bottle. You did great in the car, which was what I had been dreading, but you were really hard to get to sleep. There were definitely some fun times thrown in the mix, but your daddy and I were very tired when it was all said and done. Audrey loved having you at her house, although she was disappointed that she didn't get yo hold you. You did not like to sit down (part personality and part reflux discomfort we think), so it was not feasible for her to hold you for any length of time. We make the best of it, and I'm glad we took you."

One of the next entries for June mentions that you slept through the night 2 times. Retrospectively, this is very sad, because you basically didn't do this again until you were about a year old--6 months later! I'm not going to say that we love you more now that you sleep through the night, but it sure does make the days easier!

It's so fun to compare the above entries with what I'd write today. You ran into a tree while you were playing outside with Gigi, then you threw a fit on the kitchen floor while I filled your sippy cup with milk. As soon as you devoured that, you went right down for your nap, which is where you are right now.

You're obsessed with the vacuum cleaner right now, and Gigi and I are having mini panic attacks worrying that you're going to wrap the cord around your neck while we are in the other room. Pretty sure I have to hide the vacuum for now. I thought letting you play with it for a few days would help the novelty wear off, but it seems the opposite has happened. You're going to be pretty angry when you wake up and can't locate it, but I'm hoping that someday you'll understand.

You shouted "Elmo" the other night while playing with your Elmo-in-the-box toy. I have many witnesses. You haven't said it since. You just stare at me when I ask, or you won't even acknowledge that I'm speaking to you about it. Your aunt Natalie got right in your face the other night, asking you to say something, and you literally turned your head as far as you could over one shoulder so she couldn't look at your eyes.

You are SUCH a little rascal, but that's what makes you you.

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