I've been trying to hang some framed pictures in order to free-up more storage space. The problem is, I really like my house the way it is (for the most part). Every time I put something "extra" on the wall, I just want to take it down. Every time I walk into our office/guest room/room full of junk, I know that I need to do a little "purging" of my many boxes full of greetings cards from Great-Aunt Shirley and notes from junior high school; but I also believe that the English language includes the word "keepsake" for a reason. I can call things a "keepsake" and not feel guilty for filling up an entire extra bedroom with things I neither need nor use on any sort of regular basis.

But look at these little gems and answer me this: How could I get rid of these?

These girls are still my friends, and if I don't preserve our carefree youth, then who will? Not to mention that last frame represents some of my finest artwork to date (unfortunately). So, the plastic, cardboard, pink-sparkling frames will retain their place of honor, but if my cleaning out continues at this rate, I may have to start calling it the "Keepsake Room."

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  1. Hahahahaha! What if you also had to keep everything you gave and received in the high school dating world because you're married to the guy who was the embodiment of your high school and most of your college dating world. Much purging has taken place. Much, much purging. Because although each of those three hundred notes written back and forth in high school is funny, three hundred notes take up a lot of space.

    Loved this post.


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