"How Long Will That Last?"

That's the question.  I sprinkled some Christmas around the house, and all the while, I heard the voices.  "How long will that last?"  Feel free to leave your guesstimate in the comments section if you're so inclined.  

I have never opened this glass front cabinet in Spencer's presence.  Either he hasn't figured out that it opens or he hasn't decided it's worth his while to try.  Every now and then he looks at himself in the reflection or in the mirror inside the cabinet.  So, I'm really pressing my luck by putting new items inside of it for Christmas.  Hopefully, they won't look too interesting.  They're only oversized glittery letters.  Nothing eye-catching about that, right?

My mother-in-law got us part of a collection of ornaments last Christmas.  They are painted with Bible verses that tell the Christmas story and illustrations of each verse--one of my favorite Christmas gifts to date.  I have them up high this year because they are glass.  I almost broke one when I was unpacking them.  I really shouldn't be allowed around breakables.   

The back of the ornaments have the rest of the verse as well as the reference.  There is also a series of ornaments with lines from Christmas songs and illustrations.  We have "The Little Drummer Boy" and "Silent Night" on this tree with the Christmas story ornaments.

I've got a few ornaments that are not toddler hazards that don't "go" with the rest of the toddler-friendly ornaments on the Christmas tree, so they are standing in as lamp jewelry.   That little snow creature in the middle of the ornament doesn't look nearly as creepy in person.

Other ornaments from my previous collection.  I couldn't help myself.  Our little birdies are perpetually in flight this Christmas season.

If you are looking at this and thinking, "Come on, Lauren, are you already trying to teach Spencer to play the piano?"  I understand.  I know that piano book is for someone about Spencer's age.   Unfortunately, it's also the perfect skill-level for me.  

My mother-in-law also gave me that "Silent Night" plate.  I think it's so sweet.  An added bonus:  it actually has something to do with Christmas.   

A Christmas platter, from, my  fairy godmother mother-in-law.  I end up needing platters a lot this time of year--and this year I'll have such fun ones to use!  But how could I leave it in a cabinet until then?  It's too cute.

I bought these trees for Spencer's nursery last Christmas.  They sat on his shelf, looking so cute AND boyish.  I was SURE he'd be in there for another few years.  Shows you what I know.  Luckily, our hall bath is gray, and they look ok in there.

I thought I should include an honesty shot.  This is what holiday decorating REALLY looks like--at least when I do it.


  1. i think it all looks really fabulous and really laurenus! i loooove those sock trees in your bathroom. and the birds in flight are the best! also, i forget how beautiful your willow tree nativity is...
    we did our tree tonight- we strang (is that the right tense? string, strang, have strung?) popcorn and cranberries for about two hours and tried to make our bargain of a tree look less like it was bargain. lol! i need to invest in a nativity scene next year! afterall, the name Natalie does mean Christmas child.... :)

  2. p.s. i give the cabinet a few days...i think the glittering letters will be way too enticing for Littles.

  3. Well, it's a good thing I'm not over there. I would TOTALLY dive into that cabinet after those big glitter letters!

    Next time we're in your neck of the woods, seriously, we'll get together. :)


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