Christmas Memories: 'Twas Quite A Few Nights Before Christmas

We celebrated Christmas with my parents, sisters, and their husbands (how in the world are we all three grown and married?) a few days early this year.  Nat and Levi were heading to Witchita for Christmas, and we couldn't bear to be without them at "Christmas."  Dad missed the delicious meal since he was at work paying for it; but he made it home for the opening of gifts and the labile toddler.

We videotaped a lot of Spencer, so we didn't take many pictures.  My brother-in-law graciously spent his first Christmas as an official husband-to-a-Vinsant-girl by playing photographer.  Much appreciation shouted out his way.

Gigi's gone all modern on us in her old age, and we love it.  I remember trees she decorated all throughout my childhood.  Each year she had a different "inspiration," and each year I thought it was beautiful.


Each one deemed a keeper by a keeper.

Spoiled much?

I don't know what we'll do when Angel goes to doggy heaven.  DON'T suggest getting him one for our house.  I'm terrified that I'll cave and do it; and then I'll be physically ill for the next decade (or more).  Don't. let. me. buy. him. a. dog.

We were trying to hold him off 'til Papa Kurt got home.  He'd already plundered Gigi's bed and watched quite a few Dora's or Little Einsteins--I forget.  He'd refused to eat all of the delicious food, including home made mashed potatoes.  I can't wait until he's older, and I can (good-naturedly) harass him about his ridiculous eating habits.  To be fair, he's had GI issues for over half of his life.  But still, they're mashed potatoes for crying out loud.  He was mad they weren't sweet potatoes.

He got a magnetic zoo that he loved.  Eventually we had to convince him to go on and open another present.  But only that once.

He's pointing at which animal he wants me to punch out for him to stick to his magnetic zoo.

Our little family.

He was also a big fan of the sandwich set.  Are you seeing a theme?  Many toys with many many pieces per toy.  

Asking Jonathan if he can borrow his Sugar Bowl t-shirt.

Hard at work.  

At the time, it was so relaxing to do one Christmas experience a few days apart from the rest of them.  We didn't have to rush home and get everything prepared to jump out of bed and do it all over again in less than twelve hours.  In that way it was a refreshing change.  However, this was the first year of my life to not see my immediate family on Christmas day; and I have to admit that I missed them terribly.  I know for many people this is not a big deal, and for many more it's their idea of a great Christmas, ha!  I kept reminding myself that we had already had our Christmas, yet I couldn't shake the feeling that it was all a little surreal--a major holiday came and went without all of us being in the same room.  As I've already shared, we had a great Christmas day, it had nothing to do with that.  Growing up is just hard to do.


  1. growing up is hard to do :(
    so glad you are blogging about all of this so that we can remember til we're 90!
    hoping next christmas we can all be together!

  2. So, I've been away from my immediate family for two of our five years of married life now...and have missed them so very much both times. I wish I could say it gets easier. Miss you lots!


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