"Fun Friend?"

We have been snowed in.  We have been slightly sick.  And we are officially sick of being snowed in and sick.

Bright spot?  My sweet friend Emily paid me the ultimate compliment by asking me to write something for her blog series "Fun Friend Friday."  She likes to focus on "keepin' it real" by talking openly about issues and struggles and what to do (or not do) with them.  My post doesn't make me sound like a very "fun friend," but I did manage to keep it pretty real.

Thanks so much for the opportunity, Em!


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  1. "But if you take your pain to God--over and over and over and over again, if you refuse to heed the calls of the easier, neater, prettier, more comfortable “stress-relievers,” then slowly, sometimes imperceptibly at first, an amazing thing will happen. You’ll begin to be healed. Because, well, God wants to do that."

    Thank you so much for the word! I needed that! Can you call me daily and repeat it? You don't have to read me the whole post, just this piece of it. :)


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