Mimi Visit

Spencer is a very loved boy.  On any given day, a Mimi might just knock on his door.  Just to play with him and to rescue him from a decent nap time.

She's the one who knew of his secret, passionate desire for Dora's Backpack.  She got it for him for his 2nd birthday.  He plays with it almost every day.  This particular visit included many-a-question pertaining to the next gift on her list for him.  An Easter gift.

I have to admit, she made a mean Easter basket in my days of receiving them.  Lots of chocolate, jelly beans, and even some Peeps.  None of the candy ever compared to the stuffed bunny that we knew we could count on EVERY year.  I know my mom must have hated it, but I loved stuffed animals.  I never played with dolls or Barbies, but I "collected" stuffed animals.  I continued to look forward to stuffed rabbits for years and years after it was age appropriate. 

 However, many a grand and great-grand parent have visions of Easter gifts for this little guy, so I think Mimi is going to go a different direction.  I'm afraid she didn't heed my warning of not spending an arm and a leg.

He's her first (and so far only) great grandson.  It took them a while, but they seem to have finally bonded.  (Again, he takes his sweet time warming up; but once you're "in," you're in.)

She's in.

And as long as she doesn't reinstate her long-standing tradition of offering minor grand children a beer at every major holiday, they could have something really special.   

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