You Knew That You Knew It Wouldn't Work...And Tried It Anyway

I'm going out on a limb and saying that Claritin is not an effective anti-histimine for Spencer.  It's never worked for me, so I don't know why I'm surprised that it doesn't work for him.  I know this will sound arrogant, but I'm going to say it anyway (ha!  what does that say?):  I don't understand why I listen to other people.

I know.  How annoying is that to even read?  But when I have an opinion about something, or, should I say, when I have already given something a trial run, or a good deal or research and thought, or when I've already experienced or tried something out and have no trouble remembering the outcome, why do I reconsider it when someone recommends it to me?  I don't know.  Because CLEARLY I don't have a problem being overly humble about my opinions!  I think a lot of it is insecurity.

I can be positive that I "know" something.  But then, I'm not positive.   I have maybe 0.5% doubt.  Then, I start thinking again--the best way to ruin all good, solid, common-sense acquired wisdom.  And eventually, I decide my thoughts, or my "trial," or my research was probably not as comprehensive as it could have been.  And I shouldn't be so arrogant as to ignore good, "professional" advice, given in good faith.  So, I take it.  I take the advice or the suggestion.

And then (here I go being all arrogant again) I'm reminded why I hadn't gone down this road in the first place.

Now, you think I'd leave it at that.  "Que sera, sera!"  Tried it (again).  Tried it (against my better judgement).  And now I KNOW that's not what I need to do.

And then I start thinking about the money I just wasted.  The time and energy I used when I should have been at the grocery store.  The emotional energy spent going through the pointless exercise all over again.

So, this is my note to myself:  if you know something isn't true, doesn't work, and / or doesn't make a "hill o' beans difference"  stop trying it anyway!  No matter who suggested it.  And number two, if, against your own advice, you end up thinkin' again and rehashing how you knew it wasn't going to work and you should never have tried it in the first place...


P.S.  I was not compensated in any way by any of Claritin's competitors.

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  1. I totally agree with this on so many levels Lauren! So glad that someone else thinks the same! Recent example for me "salt water trick" for sore throat...my problems are waaayy beyond this and I have tried it a thousand times! Lol. It's harmless advice I suppose though!


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