Kind of a Big Deal

I blog for lots of reasons.  Most of them unimportant.  I mainly do it because I love writing, but it's not nearly as much fun if no one is reading.  And since Zondervan hasn't exactly been beating down my door for my latest theology-the-way-I-see-it manuscript, Blogger offering me the option to "Publish Post" is really my only publishing option.  So, blog I do.  I write, get things out of my system, show off my kids, at least practice attempts at being clear, succinct, stylized, etc.  And, there are a handful of people that actually read it.  There are even a couple of people who offer feedback, always a pleasure.

As I was pinning things for my niece-on-the-way's nursery (Meredith, feel free to leave her name in the comments, I won't tell anyone), I came across this wrapped canvas from wheatpaste.com

           Pinned Image

I smiled so big, and then truly laughed out loud.  Maybe that's really why I blog.  [Not a big enough deal to figure out how to embed my actual pin, mind you....]

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  1. Umm...it's a little scary just how much we think alike...!


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