Evelyn At Four Months

You are our sweet, precious baby girl!  When you turned 4 months, you weighed 13 lbs. 9 oz (48th percentile) and were 24.25 in. long (49th percentile)--you couldn't be any more perfect than that!  Your head circumference was 16 in. (40th percentile).  The pediatrician agreed that the rash you've had on your face since birth is eczema, and we started treating that with some steroid cream.  We are using as little as possible to get your face cleared up and on the mend.  Poor baby, most of the time your rash looks very itchy and inflamed.  Dr. Martin wanted to test you for food allergies since your eczema was so bad and I am nursing you.  If you were to be allergic to dairy, I would need to stop drinking and eating dairy.  The good news was that you are not allergic to milk.  The bad news was that you are allergic to peanuts (your brother is allergic to peanuts too).

We saw the doctor quite a few more times during your fourth month.  You had a cold which led to your first bacterial sinus infection.  While on an antibiotic for your sinus infection, you developed an ear infection, earning you a stronger antibiotic which you (thankfully) tolerated quite well.  And by "tolerated," I mean that it didn't severely upset your stomach.  You did NOT swallow it easily.  In fact, you're the best medicine-spitter-outer I've ever encountered.  Your Gigi said you take after your aunt Hillary who was also a masterful medicine-spitter-outer.  There were doses that I doubt you got even 1/8th of a dose.  I tried all different "tricks" and devices.  The results were all similarly failures.  The one thing that was helpful was to give you very small increments of each dose, it made it easier to keep it in your mouth and convince you to swallow it.

Despite the cold, sinus infection, and ear infection, you finally decided it was worth the tiny bit of extra effort it took to roll all the way over from your back to your stomach.  You'd been rolling almost all of the way over for at least two months.  We were so proud of you!  There was much cheering.  That same month you learned to roll from your tummy to your back; but you hardly ever roll that way.  Even if you are frustrated on your tummy, it is because you can't go anywhere, not because you want to be put on your back.  Every time I would put you back onto your back when you were on your tummy fussing, you would immediately roll right back over to your tummy--sometimes before I even got you all the way onto your back!  

We noticed you weren't screaming every single time we drove in the car, even in the dark, sometime you only cried for five or ten minutes.  Progress!

We moved you into your crib in your room for night time this month.  Up until now, you'd been sleeping on our floor in a "nap nanny."  You didn't sleep great in our room anyway, and Spencer was continuing to wake up in the middle of the night even when you weren't crying in the next room, so not much changed.  You are eating multiple times a night, and haven't seemed affected by the move positively or negatively. You're actually sleeping and eating worse than you've been doing the previous months.  You've been sick, and I think it certainly eradicated any good habits (no matter how small) we'd worked so hard to develop.

Above is you all decked out for Valentine's Day.  Your aunt Hillary made your onesie and headband.  You were quite festive.  Spencer enjoyed making you a Valentine, and we hung it up in your card holder in your room.  You're a loved little lady, Evie Roo.  Congratulations to making it four months in our crazy little family, smiling all the while!

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