Peer Pressure

Posting random comments is no longer satiating my appetite for connection in the blogosphere. I have been battling the overwhelming desire to get in on the fun for a few weeks now. One of the main things holding me back was my inability to come up with a catchy blog title. While doing laundry and thinking of possibilities, I realized I was complicating my own life--by over-thinking it. Some people just decide to start a blog, sit down, and do it. Then the title came to me. I couldn't think of anything else more appropriate. (Not that I didn't try)
I showed the title to Jonathan, looking for approval and affirmation. He just read the description with a smirk. I ask, "What? is it not funny? Does it not make sense? Do you not like it? What?" He paused, looked at me, and said, "No, it's funny. It's just you, that's all." And he walked off. I decided that was all I could hope for from me, was "just me." So, here I am. Look forward to deep, hard-hitting posts, like "Why Stain Removers Don't Remove Stains" and "Why Spencer Likes the Round Teethers the Best" I know you're' excited.


  1. you're already making me laugh!

  2. love this. already on my update list. love you!

  3. I AM excited! I was hoping you would take part in the blogging world. You do make me laugh oh so much.


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