Happy Birthday to Nana!

Spencer's Nana turned 60 yesterday, and we surprised her at her school. I'm not sure if Spencer or Sherry had more fun. He loved the balloons we took her. He enjoyed running like a wild man through her library, and he had lunch with her in the teachers' lounge where he promptly located the youngest teacher and began to shamelessly flirt with her. He eventually lured the young (and attractive) teacher from her chair and convinced her to chase and tickle him as he wallowed all over the floor and giggled. He was strutting with a little more confidence than usual because he was sporting one of his new birthday outfits.

He was most certainly Nana's show and tell. I think he saw every person who is currently employed at the school. Not surprisingly, his favorite "class" was definitely the PE room. He fussed at me until I retrieved the specific color basketball he had his eye on from the huge metal bin. When he began gesturing towards the basketballs, I grabbed an orange one off of the top. (O, ridiculous woman that I am) He continued to gesture and then went on to "vocalize" loudly until I handed him the purple basketball that he had his eye on. What was I thinking?

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  1. So funny! I thoroughly enjoy that he flirts shamelessly. Isn't it funny how early those gender-specific characteristics show up?!


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