Thanksgiving did not turn out as I had expected it to turn out. And that's fine. Spencer did not feel well, I came down with the flu, and Jonathan had to be Mom and Dad for almost 3 days straight. I'm so blessed to have a husband who is just as attached and connected to Spencer as I am. They did great together. I think the whole thing was hardest on me.

I had one plan for Thanksgiving. At both of our families' gatherings, I was going to change Spencer into a turkey costume that I found at Babys'rus (it was on clearance for $4.74 with tax and I just couldn't pass it up). I was then going to have him saunter out to the living room and delight everyone. I also wanted to take him to his great grandmother's assisted living home to see her and her friends. I figured they'd love it. Instead I stayed home in bed and other people attempted to dress him up for me, but he doesn't love costumes when he feels good, so, he spent a combined 4 minutes in it.

Luckily for you, all of posterity, and Spencer's future wife, I took some pix at home a few weeks before Thanksgiving when I tried the costume on him for size.

Without further ado,

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