Top Ten Lines from the Little Gym Today

"I love his hair."  --Most moms at the class

"He is ridiculously flexible."  --Miss Erin, the teacher who has been doing this for ten years

"He's really good at that."  --A mom of another boy in the class, in reference to Spencer climbing the toddler "rock wall" as well as the other side of the rock wall that is smooth, slick and not intended for climbing

"That's awesome."  --The daddy in the fire department t-shirt in response to Spencer climbing up the slick side of the toddler "rock wall."  His sweet daughter was laying on the mat underneath the rock wall.

"Nah!  Nah!"  --Spencer's response every time it was his turn to do any specified activity with his teacher

"I thought my kid was active.  How do you keep up with him all day?"  --Mom of a little girl in the class, to whom I replied, "I don't know.  Sometimes I don't."

"Don't kick your teacher."  --Me to Spencer when he was running so fast on the mat that he fell and then proceeded to repeatedly kick the person standing next to him, which happened to be his teacher

"More!  More!"  --Spencer in response to a song where I am supposed to bounce him all around and end up flipping him over my head

"How old is he?"  --Many of the moms, to which I politely reply, "Twenty one months," all the while thinking, "Same age as your kid, that's how the class works..."

"Bye Bye Bye Bye"  --Spencer trying to open the door to leave because he's so exhausted--with fifteen minutes of class to go.  He's not great at pacing himself.  I have no idea where he got that.

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