When I Dedicate My Life to Something

It doesn't turn out half bad.  That's what I've learned.  However, I have to do it to the exclusion of all else.  I'm telling myself it's a metaphor for my life as a whole right now.  I take care of Spencer to the exclusion of all else, but hopefully he'll turn out not half bad.

Spencer climbed out of his crib last month.  This set into motion a whole chain of events leading us to rearrange our house and our lives again in his honor.  I am in the middle of getting his "big boy room" all set up, but parts of it are so cute I can't help but share.  Even in it's IMPERFECT condition.
From the door.  The dog's bed from the nursery has to be recovered, so he's sad right now.
The built-ins to be reckoned with.  Filling these attractively yet functionally has been my obsession for the week.  Embarrassing?  Yes.  But confession is good for the soul.
I think the "S" needs to be yellow and the frame needs to be brown.  Not sure I have the wherewithal to redo it.
 Cases and decorative pillow from Tuck & Cover.  
This lamp and shade made my week.  Again, I know that's pitiful, but it's true.  It's just perfect in the room.   The dresser it's sitting on has to be painted.  Not sure when that's gonna happen.  Maybe when Spencer turns ten.
Where all the magic happens.  Oh yeah, and his bed's on the floor right now.  The fabulous antique big boy bed was just an ER visit waiting to happen.  We'll try again in a few more months.
Still needs the final touches, but I'm no longer repulsed every time I walk in the room.

I've finally reached the point that I've stopped neglecting the basics of running a household or being a human for that matter.  I even vacuumed today, and you KNOW that doesn't make the room look any cuter.  So, it looks like I've pulled through my single-mindedness with no casualties (other than my family's nutrition and cleanliness).  There's plenty of time for all of that nonsense now that his room has a clear direction.  Now maybe I can fall asleep at night.


  1. Really cute, Lauren!!! You did a GREAT job. I'm sure Spencer will love it...eventually!

  2. So adorable! I am in love with that lamp! I actually sighed out loud when I saw it - I'm thinking about stealing it. . .
    And a stuffed alligator in a party hat is the cutest thing in the world. Good job!


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