Feeling Like A Rookie

I just experienced the first morning of Spencer wearing big boy underwear.  I would not call it successful, but I did get a lot of exercise.  I ran him to the toilet after he'd already peed everywhere, at least five times.  I then, of course, got to blot the pee out of the only two rugs we have in the whole house--apparently it's much more fun to pee on the rug.  And then--and my back is not going to quickly forgive me for this one--I ended up scrubbing poop he smeared all over the living room rug while I was picking up toys IN THE SAME ROOM--seriously not even a full yard away...and let's not forget the bath that followed...the rug was not the only thing covered in poop.  Potty training is one of the few "baby" things I've never done before as a babysitter or nanny.  It promises to deliver lots of good times.
I know I should probably wait 'til he's three, but I just had to give it a try after he came in at a 4 year old language comprehension level at his last speech eval.  He's so got my number...
And I know I was more relieved than he was to put a diaper on him for his nap.  Not sure my back has the strength to do it all over again this afternoon.  We DEFINITELY did not buy enough underwear...
Round 1:  Spencer--7  and Mommy--0

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