"What I Learned On My Summer Vacation" In Negatives

Not the answer to heart burn--roasted red pepper hummus.

Not your best time to stand against the crashing waves and try to help your child float in the ocean--third trimester.

Now that "they" ruled out tuna and your heart burn and queasiness ruled out anything fried, all you'll be left with at seafood restaurants--grilled shrimp and crab legs (not complaining...).

Not the most cost-effective time to be applying sunscreen all over your body day after day after day--third trimester.

Not the best environment for swollen, achy feet--air planes and hot beaches.

Not the easiest time to get close ups and creatively angled shots of your toddler on the beach or at the fountains--third trimester.

Nor the best way to employ Netflicks to block out any movie everyone else is watching that contains any suspense at all--earbuds--I hate them.  They don't fit right, and they hurt.

Not disappointed in the beach, ever, no matter how pregnant she is--me--even in my third trimester!

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