Two Babies For Which I'm Thankful

This one has discovered the joy of not smiling for the camera.  Lovely.

Evie Rose checkin' out Mimi--one of her great grandmothers.  (Thanks for this picture, Melinda!)

Spencer had three Sister Schubert rolls for his Thanksgiving meal.  I don't blame him.  If I weren't trying to lose forty five pounds, I'd be eating yeast rolls exclusively as well.

Another picture from "Aunt" Melinda.  It's the best one of Evie and my parents to date.

Spencer had his first iPad encounter.  He was definitely interested.  Melinda had some good preschool apps.  I have no worries that Spencer will excel in the world of technology when it's time for him to do so.  No, he is not wearing any pants.  And, yes, he's definitely still wearing socks and a button down.  

Evie got to change into comfy clothes too.  I was jealous.  Did you do that on holidays as kid?  Mom would get us all dressed up, and we'd spend the whole event asking when we could change out of our dresses.  I was never a fan of "special occasion" clothing.  As much as things change, they really just stay the same.  

After carb-loading at lunch, Spencer had the traditional bowl of chocolate ice cream for dessert.

We spend the day after Thanksgiving at Nana and G-Dad's house.  Evelyn wanted to be like this--promise.

Spencer will be three in a few days, and this was the first holiday where all the "extra" people and festivities did not bring out the worst in him.  He was not laid back or "easy" by any means, but he was not screaming.  And that goes a long way.  It is those sort of things that remind me how grown up he is.  He handled it all like such a big boy, and I was so proud.  Evelyn was held by any and all like a pro.  Honestly, it was really nice.  On the other hand, I really missed her, which I know sounds weird.  And by the end of the night after Thanksgiving she was screaming for me and no one else would do.  It took her a few days to get to where she'd let Jonathan hold her to sleep in the evenings, which had become our routine.  I think we're back on track now.  Just in time for almost every member of my family to have a birthday and Christmas.  I love this time of year--if only it were 75 degrees and sunny--it'd be my favorite.

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  1. love the first pic of spencer not smiling! he's so adorable.


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