Spencer Went To A Movie

for about twenty minutes.  Yep, that's the length of the previews.

Thankfully, no one expected a long outing, so he was not treated like a failure when he looked at his Daddy and said, "Ready to go!"

He enjoyed the big movie posters.  He sampled some treats, but didn't really partake.  Such a guy.      

Who can sit there with a bag of M&M's and not over indulge?  Not me, that's why we don't keep bags of candy at the house.  

And Icees are typically a favorite, but I think the previews were a bit distracting--and a few may have been a bit anxiety provoking.

Upon arriving at home, he announced he was "ready to go outside and play."  We'll not think about the price disparity between these two activities.  Nana loves him, and it was her treat.

Thankfully the Christmas Eve service won't have twenty minutes of previews.

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