"Evie Took My Yogurt"

 This is how the story always goes, I left the room for ten seconds--to brush my teeth.  I knew it was a possibility that she'd make her way to Spencer's breakfast.  And as I was brushing away, Spencer calmly walked into my bathroom and said, "Evie took my yogurt."  

This girl loves her food.  Or rather, her brother's food.

I just sat there and watched her eat his apple slices.  She was getting bites off, chewing them, and swallowing.  She has no teeth, but she wasn't choking at all.  My mom tells me this is how I ate--I had no teeth until after I turned one, but that never stopped me.

She wants to eat if and only if she is feeding herself.  

 Evie somehow found out about baby-led weaning and implemented it herself.  

She didn't even make a mess with it.  She didn't play with it.  She knows what food is for--eating!

I did finally intervene when she decided she'd finish up his breakfast while laying on her back.

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