Not the Beach Part II

Spencer loved the "tree houses."  There were braided rope things to climb that were also bouncy like a trampoline.  Just today he cried huge, real tears because he wanted to take his Aunt Hillary and play on those tree houses today.

He also loved the sandbox, although he was disappointed that it was not wet enough to make sandcastles.  He really didn't understand why we couldn't just make it wet.  He really wanted to make a sand castle.  He loved our trip, but I felt such a connection to him when he was disappointed that the sand box wasn't the same as the beach.  That's my boy.

We were there during the bluegrass festival, and Spencer enjoyed hearing the music, but it wasn't until the third day that he was finally tired enough to sit down and listen to the music dance around the vicinity for any amount of time.  It lasted for a mere 2.5 songs, but it was a start.  To be fair, the musicians continued to crack themselves up and didn't exactly worry about keeping the attention of their audience.  Most others seated and listening were 65 and up.

I wish I were a good enough photographer to be able to capture his adorable and hilarious dance moves.
Last spring, I found a cheap Sit 'n Stand stroller on Craigslist.  I went back and forth over whether or not we'd even really get any use out of it.  It wasn't in great condition, and that's why they weren't asking much for it.  If we only ever use it at Silver Dollar City, it was worth every penny.  Spencer loved it, and Evelyn is my baby that will actually ride in a stroller (as opposed to her big brother who finally decided strollers were an acceptable mode of transportation around 2.5 years old).  

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  1. I will say, those tree houses do look kind of cool. Can't wait to see them in a few weeks!!


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