All About Spencer's Daddy

Interview with Spencer
 Father's Day 2012

How old is your daddy?  Two.

What color is your daddy's hair?  Red.

Wait, what color is Daddy's hair?  Red!  I talkin' 'bout red!

What color are your daddy's eyes?  Green

What kind of clothes does your daddy like to wear?  Colors like purple, indigo, and violet

What does your daddy like to eat?  I don't know.  Broccoli and popsicles.  Can I have a popsicle now?

Your daddy is smart because he knows    where my bait was.

Your daddy works hard at    church.

If you could give your daddy anything, what would it be?  A birthday penguin.

(I omitted the questions to which Spencer answered (or yelled) "I DON'T know."  He's not a fan of the interview process while he's trying to go fishin'.

"I'm fishin' with my fishin' pole!"

I caught one!


  1. He knows his Daddy well. Where do you get those indigo shirts? I have been looking everywhere in the men's department for one for Mark and just can't find one. :)

  2. Haha..that is the same thing I was going to say Jeh.. it's like one mind :)


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