Spencer's Thoughts on Baby Ruby

Natalie came over to our house a few weeks ago (about a week before her 20 week ultrasound).

We asked Spencer some questions about "the baby," and while I know I've already forgotten a few of his hilarious comments, following are the comments I remember.

Do you remember there's a baby in Aunt Natalie's tummy?
Spencer:  No.  Yes!  When can it come out and play?  I want it to come out now.  And I will hold her!

His eyes were sparkling as he said he would hold "her" and he made the most precious expression while making a hand motion to show us how he'd hold a little baby, then he looked up at us and cocked his head to the side.

I guess we all looked so endeared that he thought he'd convinced us to get the baby to him now.  Once he realized we were truly not able to "deliver," he insisted:  Now! Now! Now! Now!

(We then attempted to change the direction of the conversation)

Do you think the baby is a boy or a girl?
Spencer:  I don't know.

He then went on to refer to the baby as a girl throughout the rest of the conversation, including insisting that the baby is "a Ruby!"  So, we wrote him down in the pink column.

Never one to be easily "redirected," Spencer quickly started back in again with:  I want to hold her now!
We answered:  She is very little right now.  She has to grow while she's in Natalie's tummy.  She'll grow bigger and bigger and bigger until she's ready to come out.  She'll come out this fall.  When it's close to Thanksgiving--turkey time.  And there are pumpkins in the fall.  She'll come when there are pumpkins and turkeys.

Spencer:  But I want her to come out NOW!
Me:  Well, she's in Natalie's tummy.
Spencer:  We have to open up her tummy and get her out.
(We firmly asserted that this was not an option.)

Spencer:  Ruby's going to be grumpy!
Me:  She's going to be grumpy?
S:  I think so!
We all burst into laughter.

A week later, I was working on decorations for the gender reveal party.  Spencer asked what I was doing, and I told him I was making a wreath for the party for Natalie's baby.  To this, he replied, "For Ruby!  You makin' a wreath for Ruby!  I want to help you!"  We had not talked about "Ruby" since the conversation above, at least a week earlier.

I tried to explain that the baby wouldn't be named Ruby if it was a boy, and that we didn't know yet if it was a boy or a girl.  He wouldn't back down.  He's loved the name "Ruby" for months.

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