17 Months of Evelyn

You still love babies.  You point them out whenever you see one.   And, this month, you found a way to make your dollhouse a "baby" activity.  There is a little cradle in the dollhouse, and there is a baby that is made to fit into it, but I've never pointed it out to you or talked to you about it.  I walked into the living room, and you were saying "rock, rock...rock, rock" while rocking the dollhouse cradle.  I looked inside of it, and you had perfectly placed the little baby in the cradle.  You had a huge grin on your face and were obviously proud of yourself for playing with it "right."

You and Spencer were very sick for the last half of January and the beginning of February, but the plus side of that was you got to have your first popsicle.

Here you are doing your happy dance.  Oh, the deliciousness of a fruit popsicle!

Once you had your first popsicle, you have asked for them constantly.  You really don't like how cold they are, though, and you only "eat" them for a few minutes.

Now, whenever Spencer asks for a popsicle, you chime in with "Pop! Pop!"  When I say "No" you both scream at me in unison.  You call suckers "pop's" too.  You get a dum dum "pop" after I get my allergy shot; and you think you're pretty big stuff.

Here you are on a Sunday morning before church.

You didn't scream at me when I gently took out your paci, but you gave me this look, like, "How long am I supposed to sit here and act like that didn't bother me?"  

You enjoyed playing with your baby play mat when cousin Lucy was finished with it.  It made a nice breakfast table.  

You're wearing a romper that Gigi made for me.  You're such a little love.

Every afternoon around 3:30 you start asking for your daddy.  You love him so much.  You cling to him all morning while he's getting ready for work, and you usually throw a fit when he leaves.

You found one of my necklaces and just had to wear it--and then tangle it beyond recognition.  

Your Grandmother and Grandfather were sick some in January and February too, so they didn't come for a visit, but they sent valentine cards to you and Spencer, and you both enjoyed them.

That's yogurt on the side of your face.

You still like your electric toothbrush from your stocking.  "Brush my teeth, Mom!"

You and Spencer stayed with your Dad (and with your Nana and G-Dad when Daddy worked on Sunday) for four days while I went to Nashville to visit Hillary.  Ruby went with us and got all the attention for a change.

She ate, talked, slept, and pooped--to the point of needing baths.  We ate, talked, shopped, and watched tv--Vinsant Girl style.  It was a lot of fun, but by the third day I was missing you and Spencer so much!

We found some fun shops with cute kid clothes.  Ruby took a nap in her Moby wrap on me, proving that I have always been using it properly but never had a baby amenable to being worn.  

You and Spencer had tons of fun with your dad while I was gone.  He sent me pictures and texts so I could know y'all were doing good.

This is my favorite picture he sent me--you as the dragon and Spencer as the knight!

Don't worry, you have some girl-y costumes too; although now that I'm looking at this one more closely, it might be time to hand that one down to Ruby.  

As soon as I got home from Nashville, you, Daddy, and Spencer had a costumed sword fight.

You very much enjoy being right in the middle of things.

I got a few cuddles from my beautiful hazel-eyed girl too.

You don't shy away from physical confrontation.  Thankfully, your physical confrontations are always in good fun and closely monitored.

I peeked in the living room Valentine's Day morning, and this was what I saw.  I thought, "God did that just for me!"  I so enjoy watching you and Spencer become friends.

Jenny made you the sweetest shirt for Valentine's Day and you got to wear it to Spencer's school party, where you thoroughly enjoyed yourself.  He shared his cookies with you, you played with the baby dolls, and got a sucker out of the deal.  Spencer was beyond proud of you when we walked into his room.  He introduced you to everyone as "My little sister Evie" and talked about you the whole time.  I couldn't keep him interested in his "party" activities at all.  It was so sweet, and it took me completely by surprise.

Spencer loves you so much.  He asked to rock you for your nap the other day, and I let him.  He got in your glider, you laid down in his lap and drank your bottle, and he sang, "Jesus Loves Me" and "Jesus Loves the Little Children" while I pushed the glider back and forth.  You were smiling up at him so big!  Neither of you would have been cool with this a year ago (when you were more the appropriate age for being rocked with a bottle, ha!).  We have these glimmers of peace and love more often these days which is such an encouragement.  You and Spencer are both such sweet, loving kids.

I couldn't hold out any longer--Gigi and I got you some cute new spring clothes.

The Monday I got home from Nashville, Miss Natalie and her little Audrey threw a fun Valentine's Day party.  I was afraid I wouldn't be home in time to take you; but I was, and it was so fun.  Natalie had everything that should be at a toddler / preschooler Valentine party, including treat sacks with hand made cards and no candy at all!  She's my hero.  Since your dad took off work that day to take care of you and Spencer until I got home, Spencer insisted that he come too--it was a family affair.

Here you are playing with Audrey's toys.  I hope you girls get to be friends like her mommy and I are friends.

You had a big month, little lady, and to top it all off, on February 20, 2012,  you said your name.

I think you've been attempting "Evelyn" for a couple of months when prompted, but it's hard for a baby to say that, making it harder for me to be sure you that's what you were saying.  I you would try to say it some, but I was never sure which times you did and which times you didn't. (Ha!)  You're still not the clearest talker.  However, we were looking in the mirror and talking, pointing, and I was saying our names, etc., and then, I told you to say "Evie."  You immediately said, "E-bie!" and smiled the biggest smile.  I cheered and clapped--I was so proud of you!  You do not say it very often, but every now and then I can talk you into saying "E-bie" again.  Way to go, E-bie!  Keep up the good work!

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