Evelyn at Eighteen Months

Evelyn Rose, you are one and a half years old!  You are so smart and so funny.  About two weeks ago it seemed as though you grew up three months' worth over night.  You woke up with little soft brown ringlets, more grown up expressions, more words, and even more opinions.

You had your well-visit March 22, 2013.  You weighed 23 lbs. 5 oz. (35th percentile), were 31.5 in. tall (46th percentile), and your head circumference was 18.5" (64th percentile).  Dr. Marin said your growth curve looked great.

You still love your paci, and you still want to be rocked with a bottle at night.  You can climb onto almost everything in the house.  You give the biggest hugs and the sweetest kisses.  You say, "huuuuuug" or "mmmmmwa."  I put a blanket on you in your carseat the other day, and you cuddled it up to your face and said, "soooooft."  You love music and dancing.  Your favorite songs right now are "Skinamarinky Dinky Dink" and "The ABC's."  You also love to watch Barney, and you want it on both televisions constantly.

You love your brother so much, and you were so excited when he started moving and playing around the house again after he had a stomach virus.  You had the virus before him, and you were such a big girl through the whole thing.  You're also enamored with your daddy.  You squeal with delight when he gets home, and you scream when he leaves in the morning.

Miss Holly from church took care of you and Spencer a few weeks ago, she was your first real babysitter, and you did so great as soon as your dad and I got out of the house.  She said you played so happily, and she was surprised at how much more talking you did at home than you do at church.  She  gave you your bottle at bedtime, and you fell asleep with her rocking you!

You are such a little helper.  This month, I told you I was going to do some laundry, and then I walked away.  You grabbed a pile of dirty clothes off the living room floor and carried it to the laundry room for me!  I may put you in charge of the laundry soon!

You have been eating lots of new foods lately that you haven't cared for up until now.  You have also continued to love refried beans and avocado.  The avocado seems to make your eczema on your fingers and face flare up pretty badly, but it's so good for you, so I've continued to feed it to you.

You may have regulated your little internal clock to sleeping all night without waking up.   You've done it three or four nights in a row for a couple of different times now.  It's certainly time to get that worked out!  [Edited March 22, 2013, you haven't slept through the night since then.  Bummer.]  You love your aunts, uncles, and grandparents so much, and you still love babies.  Whenever you get the chance, you take my computer, open it up and ask me to show you babies.  Sometimes, you'll settle for looking at dogs in books.  They are probably your second most loved thing right now.  You also get my phone and ask me to call "Na-nee" so she'll bring over the baby.

You let me put a pony tail holder in your hair last week while you ate a popsicle, and you left it alone until nap time.  That was by far the best you've ever done with a pony tail!

You love to play outside, and you love to play with Spencer's toys.  You get out every book you know of that has a picture of a baby in it, and you insist that I find the picture and talk to you about it.  You don't have a lot of patience for listening to books in their entirety right now.  You like to color, but you also put the crayons in your mouth, so it's still not a great activity for you.

Whenever you see me drinking something with ice in it, you ask for ice in your water cup.  You very deliberately walk to the freezer and say "ice, ice" while pointing inside your mouth.  Then, once I've put a piece in your cup, you walk off so proud of your big girl self.  You want to eat food in the exact form that Spencer, me, and your dad eat them in.  You will not eat your strawberries cut up, and you want them sitting on the napkin or paper towel that I used to dry them off, just like I serve them to Spencer.  If we have shredded lettuce on our nachos, you want shredded lettuce!  You want to do and say just what Spencer does and says.  You kept telling us "back!" one night, when you were leaving the room until we figured out that you were saying you would be "right back"--just like Spencer says when he runs out of the room.

The picture with you climbing onto the ice chest makes you look like a little ballerina doing her barre exercises.  I was impressed with your form!

You have a mouthful of teeth, most of which have been there a long time but have recently seemed to grow further down. You still have a few some molars missing.  Your eyes are the same exact hazel color they were the day you were born.  You hair is light brown, and it was even lighter after you spent a sunny morning outside at Benjamin's birthday party.  You still have faint tan lines from last summer even though you were constantly covered in sunscreen!  You're going to look like a little lake or beach baby for sure in just a few short months.

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