Embarrassingly Poor Writing

Do not tell the husband of a pregnant woman there is no wait at your restaurant when in fact there is a 35 minute wait.  Crazy people.

When you're nauseated constantly for months at a time, it's really a mental battle.  And mentally, I'm weak. Truly.  I don't have a lot of mental "endurance."

Spencer brought me a chopstick the other day.  It was black, not cheap and platick-y.  I have NO idea from whence it came.  What in the world?

I've been throwing up less, but feeling just as bad.  I'm trying to see this as progress.  I'm hoping this pregnancy will be more "textbook" with the nausea ending with the first trimester.

My parents are graciously hosting Spencer as their overnight guest this evening.  Jonathan was going to get some things done at the house while I soaked in the silence and the luxury of being COMPLETELY still.  Instead, we held our friends' new born baby and then got dinner.  We're on fire.

You forget how precious newborns are.  They are just a warm, cuddly little bundle of goodness.  They should be for all the nonsense it takes to get one here.

The only time I care anything about real ice cream is when I'm pregnant.  I usually (and honestly) prefers Breyer's low carb chocolate "dairy dessert."  Right now it's Blue Bell's Banana Split.

Even when your entire family chips in to do all the things that you're supposed to be doing but can't because you feel so crummy, no one can make up for the fact that you aren't able to be Spencer's best mommy.  No one can make you feel better.

For some reason, I'm more curious regarding the gender of this baby.  I'm also seriously reconsidering any plans for future pregnancies.

I was pregnant with Spencer the summer that Kung Fu Panda came out in theaters, and I started calling "the baby" "Skadoosh."  I think it's funny that Kung Fu Panda II is coming out this summer.  That's not really funny to you?  Humor me, ok?  I'm pregnant and cranky.

I DID manage to take a shower today, and I took it a GIANT step further by blow drying my hair about an hour later.  I was pretty spent after the shower, I had to regroup.  It does look much better.  Now, if only I could start caring.

This may be the only writing I'm capable of until our next child is one year old.  Perhaps your comments-to-come will help make things interesting.

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  1. First of all, I am so sorry you are sick and miserable. That being said, I am thoroughly enjoying your descriptions of this stage of motherhood-like, I'm laughing out loud. "You forget how precious newborns are. They are just a warm, cuddly little bundle of goodness. They should be for all the nonsense it takes to get one here." SO TRUE and so funny! I really do hope the nausea lets up in trimester #2...


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