March Favorites: Ketchup, Ice, and Guitars

Only-Slightly-Little-Anymore Spencer,

It's cold and rainy.  And Elmo is about to be over for the day.  WHY Netflix won't include Elmo in their streaming options is quite a sore spot for me.   We need to cancel our "1 month trial" subscription anyway. It's been four months now.  

This particular morning, you have an uncharacteristically snotty little nose, and you're determined to be in my face.  However, you've been so sweet to play and talk and bounce solo quite a lot this past month and a half that I really shouldn't complain.  You're either really growing up or currently being emotionally damaged for life.  I know some children who I fear are being emotionally damaged for life, though, and your plight has very little in common with their own.  So, I'm hoping you're just well on your way to understanding what being a big brother and a part of a family is all about.

You refuse that you're hungry 98% of the time you're asked.  You currently LOUDLY and VIGOROUSLY protest having your diaper changed.  Wrestling my two year old to the ground to wipe his pooped bottom while trying not to throw up everywhere is killin' me, kid--and between Daddy, Gigi, and Natalie, I don't even have to do it that often.  I have the perfect solution--go in the potty!  You don't mind giving it a try every now and then, but you end up playing and wanting to run your hands all over the toilet seat, etc.  It's just disgusting.  Clearly, I've got a lot of maturing (or disinfecting) to do before we formally potty train you.  I'm thinking we pick a warm week this summer and just live outside.  I'm hoping we do that anyway based on the rate at which you can make the house look like a tornado hit.

You're persisting on the "Cutest Kid I've Known In My Life" list, and many others--related or not-- are quick to agree.  It really works for you.  As I type you are pulling all of our silverware out of the silverware drawer.  The drawer DOES have a child-lock on it.  And the child-lock is locked.  You just slide the utensils out of the small opening that occurs because of how we had to install the lock.  Money. Down. The. Drain.  

You fell about six weeks ago right on your face.  You weren't being rough or crazy or anything.  You just slipped.  You fell directly onto your two front teeth.  They were not loose, but they are rapidly turning grey.  Honestly, they look pretty gross.  I'm sure in a year or two you'll be proud.  They definitely "man" up your "look."

Your daddy came home last night and asked if you wanted to go play "Get you Get you" (tickling/wrestling/etc.) in your room.  You heartily agreed, and as you ran out of the living room, you looked straight at your Gigi who had come over to help out that afternoon and said, "Bye bye!!!"  She and I laughed and laughed.   Your tone seemed to suggest, "See you later, suckers!  And don't follow us--we don't want to hear your 'be careful' gasps the whole time!"  You're lovin' your daddy!

You have finally settled down enough to "dine out."  And while no one would watch and call taking you out "easy," it is certainly a complete turn around from the past two years.  As soon as we sit down, you start asking for ketchup, and you spend most of the evening eating ice.  Quirky child.  You have twice thrown your crayon halfway across the restaurant.  Here's an idea--how 'bout we stop handing you one.  It takes us a while to catch on.  You'll have to forgive your mother who cannot imagine that you don't have a secret, if latent, desire to draw and color. 

You went to your buddy Benjamin's 3rd Birthday Party on Saturday and had a grand old time.  You got to play outside, eat cake (exclusively), and narrate (in your own little way) as Ben opened his presents--you probably remembered him helping with yours in December and just wanted to return the favor.  You latched on to the guitar that Mr. Todd got Benjamin, and I do think I see one in your future.  It's the least I can do after hiding and consuming your M&M's party favor. 

I'm certainly not over-documenting these first few months of 2011.  I'm hoping Spring brings new, refreshing, non-nauseating feelings for me and lots of fun and outside adventures for you.

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