Fine Whine

Yesterday I hurt my back power-walking my toddler around the zoo.  He can sense when I'm already carrying an extra thirty pounds or so, and he knows I'll get so much stronger so much faster if he adds his thirty pound body into the mix.  So, when not chasing / watching him closely, I was carrying him up and down the surprisingly hilly terrain.  And it was at that point I felt my back do what it did when I was pregnant with Spencer.  I think it's related to the excess weight gain on my fairly small frame, although there are times I think it may be sciatica.  It's probably a combination.  Luckily, it started much earlier with Spencer, so I've actually had quite a "easy" time with my back so far in this pregnancy.

Unfortunately, I was walking oddly, in an attempt to favor the parts of my back that were killing me, and I managed to hurt the foot on the opposite side of my body from my back pain (the opposite side thing is why I think the foot injury is some sort of result of my back craziness).  My back is only mildly hurting, my foot hurts really badly.

My tummy still bugs me all the time, but it's not nearly as acute as it is in the beginning.  It's more chronic, and it's very sensitive--I remember eating mainly turkey sandwiches the last few months with Spencer because everything else seemed to make me sick in some way.  I think we're getting there.  Factor in the reflux and heartburn (which I had with Spencer), and remember that I've yet to potty train my 2.5 year old, so there is still LOTS of bending over and squatting down, and you can see how gastrointestinal comfort of any kind does not seem to be in my near future.  I consistently wake up with sneezing fits in the middle of the night, and I swear I never get past the first trimester fatigue.  I hate wishing away my last few months with my baby boy, but often I think that the end of September can't get here fast enough.

You're gonna miss these "pregnancy posts" aren't you?  Probably about as much as I will miss being pregnant.

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