My Baby

My mom warned me that I'd mourn the "loss" of Spencer as my baby as I got ready to welcome the next one.  And, as is usually the case, she was right.

And, we all mourn in different ways, right?  I apparently, decide to dress him in ways I didn't even love when he was a baby.  I'm sorta cracking myself up.

I was picking out fabrics for baby girl's room, and instead of getting anything for her, I came home with madras plaid yardage.  I asked my mom to sew a romper for Spencer "for the beach," and "the 4th of July," and "for church when it's so hot."

For real?  It's for me.  It's his last "baby" outfit.  In fact, it's sort of his first baby outfit, depending on your definition of what's appropriate for baby boys to wear for the above occasions.  (Opinions are apparently STRONG and WIDELY varied, ha!)

Isn't my baby precious?

And big?


  1. HAHAHAHAHA! So funny! He looks pretty darn cute, though :) I'm missing you terribly, for the record. Lots.

  2. I love his romper... little girl Kelley needs a little matching dress...let's get Gigi working on it...


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