Snippets of Spencer at 2.5

You still love dogs.
You seem to love you cloth diapers, which, honestly, to me seem like they'd be hotter/bulkier/less comfy in the summer.  But we got them back out when I felt like I could stomach it, and it's going really well.
You know tons of colors (which I think is one reason you love your cloth diapers, they seem to have piqued your interest in the whole idea of colors with names, etc.)
You love to make a doggie cage out of the laundry basket--you are the doggie.  You get under it (while it's turned upside down), then you call me into the room so you can tell me you're a doggie.
You love the hose, but only when we chase you around the backyard with it.  You love a reason to run.
You still love to sleep with your paci.
We've had a couple of incidents that have made me pretty sure you're ready to potty train.  I was hoping we'd find a camp for that.
You did NOT scream when I left you in the church nursery Sunday.  First time ever.  I stayed at least 15 minutes and played first, which I never do.  I'm not sure if this is what helped or it if just all happened on the same day.
You love to go for rides in the car.  You'll just ask to go get in the car.  When we pull back onto our street, you often whine / fuss / scream depending on your mood and how tired you are.  You're usually disappointed to come back home (it's not like we don't take you places all the time!).
You've needed us to reinforce lots of boundaries lately.  Often and continuously.
You do not care to speak of the baby in mommy's tummy; but you're infatuated with how my belly button looks and constantly compare it to your own.
If it's possible, you get cuter every single day.
You grew two inches in about 3.5 months.  I'm not an expert, but that was surprising to me since you're two and not 4 months.  All the sudden everyone was asking us if you were taller--and you were!  About a month ago, you were 30 lbs. and 36".
You LOVE "Go, Diego, Go," and all animals, and the sounds they make, etc.
More and more you enjoy having friends over or going to friends' houses.  You still don't play "with" them, usually; but I think it's more of a function of your personality than your social development.
You're pretty cuddly, much more so than when you were a "baby."  We love it.
You don't love the pool.  I do.  It's a bummer.
You LOVE music.  You enjoy "conducting" us more than you enjoy creating it yourself, and if someone sings you a song, he or she needs to be prepared to sing it a thousand times.  If it's a song that pleases you, you don't think it ever gets old.
You're such a precious little boy.  I think your Daddy and I enjoy you more every day (not that you don't  have your moments....that turn into hours.  But we try to remember you're 2.5).
We love you, Spencer!

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