Past The Half-Way Point

Evie Rose, you made it!  You're seven months old.  You had a sick visit at the doctor within a few days of your 7 month mark, you know, to commemorate the occasion, and show me that you gained a pound this month.  I knew you were getting heavier.

You love smiling at new people.

You ate small pieces of banana yesterday.  Just fed 'em to yourself.

You want to chew my hair all the time.

You are such a wiggle worm.

You hate being left out.

You have just started making a brand new expression.  

I think you started it the day you turned 7 months.  It's funny, and sort of a quirky teacher / librarian scolding face.  You're probably practicing to use it on Spencer.  He loves you a lot, by the way; and you couldn't be more thrilled to receive his attention.

You made your first trip to the zoo last week.  You loved it.  You stayed awake the whole time, and fell asleep just as we got home.  Lots more fun to come, baby girl.  Lots more fun to come!

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