Snippets of Spencer at 3 Years 4 Months

At your annual peanut allergy appointment, we found out that you now weigh 35 lbs. and you're 39 in. tall.  There's never been an ounce of chub on you, but ya ain't light!
I took you to preschool choir for the first time a few weeks ago, when I told you where we were going, you said, "No, we CAN'T go to church.  We have to stay HOME."  I bribed you with the promise of ice cream afterwards if you went into your class and did what your teachers told you to do.  I managed to get you to your class without any tears.  When I came back to pick you up, you saw me, then said, "NO, Mommy, WE CAN'T GO HOME!  We have to go outside and play!"  Your teacher had promised to take y'all outside next.  You've loved choir these past few weeks, and you ask to go on other evenings.  It's almost over for this school year, but I know you'll be raring to go come August.  You love music, you love your friends, and you love your new teachers at choir.  I'm infinitely grateful for the positive church experiences you're having these days.
You've grown up so much in the past few months.  I've done crazy things like take you and Evie to the zoo by myself, and we've had multiple successful grocery and Target trips.
You told me that chicken nuggets are for babies.  You've never said anything like that before.  That's really hit me.  You're growing up so quickly.  Now if we could only convince you that diapers are for babies.
You are still one of the cutest kids I've ever seen, and it's a good thing.  You've been practicing your debating skills, and that's been an adventure.  With every sophisticated excuse or argument I at once rejoice that your language seems perfectly intact and summon up the energy to face the work teaching obedience and appropriate social behavior.
You still ask for it to be Easter Morning or to go to the pumpkin patch.  I'm glad you've enjoyed your holidays thus far.  You love to pretend that you're Max and I'm Ruby.

You're still waking up once a night most nights.  You started doing this a month or so before Evie was born.  You've been telling me a lot about the scary monsters that are allegedly in your room (or in Evie's room, if I'm putting her down for a nap).

You've started asking for a pet.  I'm surprised it took this long.  You have always loved animals.  You're still incredibly gentle and intuitively good around dogs.  Thankfully Angel is still hanging in there.   When I reminded you that Gigi had a dog at her house, you requested that she bring Angel to our house. You've got plans.
You are loving your Dad these days.  He was leaving for work one morning and you said, "No Daddy go to work.  You have to stay home!  [long, deliberate pause for rhetorical effect] Mommy go to work!" That cracked us up.
I think we're going to have such a fun summer!  We have plans for lots of new places and activities for you, and most of all lots of time with your family.  Your dad and I love spending these years with you.  I tell you at night how God made you so special, and that He has great plans for you.  You just pat me while I talk, and tell me "Yeah" at my pauses.

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