Your Sixth Month

At your 6 month well-visit, you were, in fact, well!  You weighed 15.5 lbs. (35th%), were 26 in. long (60th%), and had a head circumference of 16.75 in. (53%).

You are getting better at communicating what you want or need.  You have been reaching up with your arms to get out of your car seat for months, but now you've been sitting in a high chair, and you reach up when you want out of there too--it's adorable.  You do it so sweetly (and not demandingly), that it took me quite a few times to figure out what you were doing.  The other night, we walked into your room to rock for the night and you immediately cuddled your head on my shoulder.  It was so precious.  You then picked it right back up and squirmed and wiggled for twenty minutes while I rocked you, but I could tell you knew it was time for bed when we walked in. 

You have started consistently napping for longer than 45 minutes.  Your morning nap is typically on the go, since we have places we need to take Spencer most mornings, but you take an afternoon nap around 12 or 1 every day, and most days it lasts an hour or longer.  You're getting there!  Your night time sleeping has not been great.  You've had some nights where you are up A LOT, and you've had some nights where you "only" wake up two or three times.  Your daddy gets up with you a lot.  You and I are lucky ladies.  

You now love to hold and take a bottle.  You're finally taking more than 1.5 or 2 oz. at a time this way, and the future looks brighter!  Two weeks into liking your bottle, you have taken some "whole" bottles (about four ounces at a time).  This feels like a breakthrough.  At the beginning of your sixth month it was mostly breast milk, but we're easing into supplementing with some formula.  Formula is certainly not your favorite, but as long as we get it really warm (and you're actually hungry), you have taken a few full feedings this way.  Update:  at the end of your sixth month, you're taking formula fine.  You're growing up so fast!

You liked the baby rice cereal at first, but you didn't like the baby oatmeal at all.  You quickly got bored with rice cereal, and you've been trying all sorts of foods this month.  You love mashed up avocado.  You haven't loved any other pureed baby food, but you liked mashed up banana once or twice.  What you really want is to hold the food yourself.  I broke out the puffs, and you can get them into your mouth with amazing dexterity.   You can barely reach much of the tray on your high chair since you are still so little, but you are better than I would have guessed at picking them up and getting them into your mouth.  

They also make a cheesy, savory vegetable flavored rice puff (basically, it's a cheetoh that's deemed appropriate for babies), not surprisingly, you like those too.  You will also gnaw on the "teething" biscuits, and I feel sure you'd like some zwieback toast if I could get my hands on some.  You have seemed to enjoy the apple, squash, and oatmeal blend the most of all the "baby" food you've tried.  And, just like your brother, you loved your first dill pickle.  Around 6.5 months, we added in full-fat yogurt because you really want "real" food, and you still don't love purees.  You like the yogurt, and have tolerated it great.

At the beginning of your sixth month, you were constantly playing with all the tags on your toys.  You are also very interested in all of Spencer's toys.  He's not thrilled about it.  We also retired the swing as you turned six months after you kept hanging upside down from it.  I also continued to find you face down in your bouncy seat, so I guess we're done with that too.

Around 6.5 months, I put you in the middle of the living room floor, and within a few minutes, I heard you near the entrance to the kitchen.  My mind was confused by what my ears were hearing, I got up, and sure enough, there you were, with a big, proud grin.  You're coming to get me!

By the end of your sixth month, you are everywhere--fast.  I keep finding you all the way under the sofa, trying to drink out of Spencer's sippy cups, reaching under the entertainment center for (very old) crumbs, etc.  It won't be long before you'll have complete control over where you want to be.  Time to get out the baby gates.  You can sit, but you don't want to.  Even if we are sitting and holding you, you are in constant motion.  This is very familiar territory to us.  Spencer was much the same way.  I'd say you are a bit more laid back than him, but not by much.

I took you and Spencer to a birthday party for one of Spencer's friends, and everyone told me how beautiful you were.  One of the moms at the Little Gym told me today that her husband (who took her kids to the party) came home telling her what a beautiful baby you are.  I want you to know that your beauty is not where your worth is found but it is certainly an example of how remarkably beautiful God's creation is.  True beauty points others to Him.

Speaking of beauty, we've skipped Spring here in Arkansas (as is typical), and it's been in the 80's and even the 90's some days.  That being said, you've been wearing some of your summer clothes that I've been collecting for you (with the help of your grandmothers), and, I have to confess, it's been quite a fun little hobby for all of us.  I loved getting your brother dressed every morning when he was a baby, and I love getting you dressed every morning just as much.

Easter was cool, and it felt like Spring (despite above remarks--and it's been fairly cool the second half of the month).  It was so fun to celebrate Easter with you in our family.  We went to church, and then went to our church's egg hunt.  Then, we headed over to Gigi's house where we had lunch with lots of family.  Everyone enjoyed seeing and playing with you.  Spencer helped you open your Easter basket, but you pretty much opened your Easter gifts from Nana by yourself.  I ate your Easter chocolate for you.  You're very welcome.

If Spencer laughs, you beam and giggle.  He's interacting more with you, and you've been "tracking" him since you were born.  I love watching the two of you together.  Having a sibling is such a special gift.  You also love your Daddy.  When he talks or even walks into the room you smile at him.  It's so sweet to watch you already enamored with him.  Towards the end of your sixth month, you've been paying much more attention to Papa Kurt as well--MUCH to his delight.

They have had to call me during church a couple of times this month because you've been fussy for them in the nursery.  I tell them over and over again, that it's no big deal, and I'd always rather come to settle you down.  There won't be very many years that you want your Mommy exclusively, and I love that I can comfort you by my mere presence.  These are the simple days--and I'm trying to soak them up.

You got a cold at the end of your sixth month, you are more congested than you've ever been, and so far, you've weathered it beautifully. You're quite a little trooper.  

You're more beautiful, sweet, and funny with each passing month, Evie Rose.  We can't wait to see what your seventh month has in store.

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