By Ten Months

Little Lady!  You're ten months old.  

We visited with my cousins Hannah and Bonnie on Saturday, July 21st.  They asked me how old you were, and I realized you were ten months that day.  Time has truly flown by, and you get sweeter and sweeter each day.

On June 29th, I heard you say both "mamamama" and "bubububu," you've been been "dada-ing" for at least a month or two.  You had two allergic reactions this month--one mystery, one dog bone / peanut.

We broke our wellness streak we'd had going for a couple months.  You got a GI virus and a cold within a week of each other.  On July 5th, when you were sick with a cold, you started holding your Daddy's finger and "helping" him pat your back while you laid in your crib.  Funny girl.

Probably the biggest land mark date so far was July 10th, your first time to take almost 8 oz. at one time.  You did this at bed time.

You still crinkle up your nose, open your mouth into a big "O" shape and sniff in and out as fast as you can through your nose when you really want something.  It's so funny.  You've started doing this as soon as I sit down to rock you and give you your bed time bottle.

You reach for who or what you want while you open and close both hands over and over, it's hilariously cute.  You hold the toy telephone up to your ear and act like you're talking on it.  

You think you are supposed to take a nap whenever Gigi takes care of you.  She has kept you some Tuesday or Wednesday mornings while I had appointments with Spencer, and those are the rare occasion that you get a morning nap in your crib.  You must like it, because as soon as we walk out the door, you lay your head on her shoulder and let her walk you to sleep.  You don't like for her to rock you.

By July 13th you had started standing up from a seated position completely on your own.  You are into every cabinet, drawer, and door you can get reach.  I put away all of Spencer's trains and tracks and other paraphernalia into the drawers of his train table to keep you from putting them into your mouth.  Then, I thought, I could let you play in his room with minimal supervision.  I walked in just a day or so later to find that you'd pulled up on the train table and opened the drawer yourself.  You were chewing on everything I believed I'd effectively "put up."  I've caught you playing in the toilet twice.  Gross!  So sorry.  You love to pull up on the piano and push the keys.  You want to be right in the middle of everything Spencer is doing.  If you can't make that happen, you settle for being in the middle of whatever I'm doing.

You love the pool, it's precious.  You love to be bounced in it, splashed in it; you love the to play with the fountains.  You love for me to hold your hands while you walk, and then you tuck your legs up and throw your head back so that you're floating in a little ball.  I've decided you fascinated by your own bouyancy--maybe you'll be a physicist.  =)  You also love taking baths, but you try to stand up and climb everywhere a lot of the time, so it's a little precarious.  You are very interested in dogs.  You even try to ride them, but you don't like it when they bark.  We discovered that at our play date with Gabby.

You took your first steps the day you turned ten months.  Papa and I got to see you.  You were feeling brave because we were all playing on a pile of blankets on a carpeted floor.  You took 1.5 steps and then fell to a crawl.  You have extremely strong legs, and you are master diaper-change-avoider.  You have tried to put your shoes on your feet a couple of times.

Halfway into your ninth month, you weighed 18 lbs. 8 oz. fully dressed.  You're growing great!  You got two new bottom teeth this month, bringing your grand total to 3 bottom baby teeth.  They're pretty cute.

You like to cuddle with your mommy more and more these days.  You give sweet, tight hugs, you give huge, open mouth kisses, and you bounce and sing softly.  You love to put our faces together nose to nose, and then you like to start pulling my hair out of my pony tail.  You also like to try to put your paci in my mouth.

Most nap and bed times you refuse to settle down and be still until I sing to you.  Sometimes you won't settle down no matter what, but often, it jus takes a little time and some nursery rhyme songs.  You don't settle down when I sing hymns, praise choruses, or my own, personal "Sound of Music" medley.  So, "Twinkle Twinkle" and "Jesus Loves" me it is!  Upon being laid down in your bed, you like for someone to pat your back while you lay on your tummy.

We're loving your little personality and all the smiles and fun you bring to our family, Evelyn.  August is going to be another big month.  Maybe you'll start sleeping through the night.  =)

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