Happy Fourth of July

"Mommy, this is delicious!  It's very sweet and taaasty!"

"Maybe those my faaaa-git (favorite)!"

We haven't exactly had the holiday we'd envisioned, but Spencer is no longer throwing up, so morale is improving.  

Spencer is feeling much better, and, retrospectively, I think Evelyn may have had it first, so hopefully both of the children are in the clear.  I'm certainly praying that neither Jonathan nor I get sick; but not in that close-to-an-anxiety-attack way that I do when I'm pregnant or breastfeeding or otherwise having a rough mental health week.  So, all in all, we're thankful.  

For this:

And especially today, I'm thankful to live in America.  I know it's not perfect, and I know it's not sacred; but there is a place for gratitude and even for patriotism.  I'm thankful for people who have dedicated and risked their lives so that I can carry on my little life every day with my babies.  So that I can feed them, raise them, and enjoy them in peace and in freedom.  And when they're old enough to understand it all, I pray they won't take it for granted and that they'll live in such a way that promotes peace and freedom in the future.

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