Spencer Waxes Hilariously

"I'm a fisherma-an ("man": has 2 syllables), I catch fish at the open sea!"  He has the cutest southern drawl, just like his mommy used to.  (My accent was so pronounced that old home videos of me are painful to watch.)

While S was telling me all about his delicious rocket pop, he astutely added--"It looks like a MOUNTAIN!"

"Mommy, you're the best!"  After I put his bean bag cover on that I'd washed.  7/07/2012

Spencer is all about what he wants for his birthday these days.  He know it's in December.  He has mentioned a dog (of course), a horse, other animals, the contraption the Cat in the Hat takes the kids for rides in, and a bubble machine.  He talks about the bubble machine all the time.  They make one on "Fresh Beat Band."

After being silly:  "I crackin' you up, Mommy!"

"Be kind, Nana."  When she reinforced my rule of telling Spencer to get out of the Pack N' Play.

"I can't do it right!  I can't draw my letters RIGHT!"  This made me so happy for my precious baby who is growing up into a boy who wants to "draw his letters right!"  It also made me a little sad, because he said it with such frustration and energy.  I know exactly how he feels.

Spencer:  Hmph!  That's not fair!  I goin' home!  (In his meanest, growl-y voice)
Me:  Silly boy, you're already at home.
Spencer:  I goin' to Gigi's house!

Spencer lost his beach ball at the pool, to him it felt like a tragedy.  After fifteen minutes of talking about it, we pulled into our driveway, and I said, "I wonder if you'd like to have a popsicle," to which he immediately replied, "I don't know if a popsicle will make me feel better, Mommy."

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