Fun for the Whole Family

While visiting my parents' house, Spencer decided he wanted to play in his tent. But he didn't want to play alone, and his wants are seldom thwarted due to the loud volume at which he typically "protests" and the undeniable vigor with which he aggressively pursues his goal.

However, as is the common experience of man, once you attain your desires, you find yourself wanting even more. See his little hand above? He is already reaching for something more.

And she gave in. Note the expression on the face of the victor, and you will notice that he remains unsatisfied. He wanted me in there too. However, we rose to the occasion and managed to distract him with his tunnel.

In which he insisted his aunt Natalie again accompany him. And so it continues.

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  1. I like that you called his hand "little." If "little" = "exceedingly large", then you are correct.


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