Thinking Ahead

Oh, blogging. Recently there are so many things I'd like to write about that every time I attempt to begin, I get overwhelmed and end up writing nothing. I have probably saved ten different "drafts" that I'll never finish. Story of my life.

I have a sickness, if you know me well, then this is not a news flash. I HAVE to think ahead. That may sound like a helpful exercise to normal people, but I don't think ahead in a productive way. I don't think ahead for the day in order to work in a little elective reading or possibly an exercise dvd. I don't think ahead for the week so that we have meals planned, or for the month so that I make plans to see friends. I think ahead loooong-term.

For example, this week I have been thinking about when I can work-in another 9.5 month nausea-fest in order to add another little baby to our family and how I want to decorate Spencer's "big boy room." The two events will probably coincide, so I figure, I should have the whole "big boy room" and possibly another nursery all planned. Also, I am going to use Jonathan's furniture from his old room, and it all needs to be painted. There's no way I will be able to paint it if I'm pregnant when we need it. But I can't paint it until I pick a color, and I can't pick a color until I know what fabrics I'm going to use--you see the digression.

Additionally, I'd so like to enjoy doing these things, and that feels like an impossibility if I wait until it has to be done. So, I know I'm back to myself these days because this is what I find myself thinking about as I fall asleep at night. That and rearranging furniture. I had a little stint of that today as well. Feels great.

P.S. "The Big Bang Theory" television show is nothing ground-breaking, but I've been watching the dvd's and I have to say--it does make me laugh. And at the end of the day, that's really all I'm asking. Well, that and my "rules." In case you aren't familiar, I insist that: 1) no children are in any way abused, 2) no people are killed by a natural disaster, 3) no one is killed especially point-blank on screen, and finally 4) no two people are consummating their relationship. Those just aren't the kind of think I enjoy watching.


  1. Hahahaha! So, you pretty much just described my nightly thought process. And made me laugh out loud at your TV watching rules. All around, a very enjoyable post. So thanks for completing this one and bravely clicking "post" :)

  2. I re-arranged our furniture last weekend too...been dwelling on it all week! lol...where do we get it from???


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