Ways You Know Your Baby Is Now A Full-Fledged Toddler

Or: "Ways To Know You Have Lost Any Semblance of Control (Real or Imagined)"

10. It is truly easier to cook an entree with a few sides than to attempt a meal at any restaurant at any time, day or night.

9. You consider forgoing the whole concept of dinner altogether.

8. It has become commonplace to pull out pieces of toilet paper from a crumpled up pile off the floor rather than to tear it off of a roll.

7. It's not longer fun to go to Target (unless you are alone).

6. You consider getting rid of your treasured high school Lit. notes in order to make room for the growing collection of clothing, toys, and already outgrown (and ridiculously bulky) baby gear. (Maybe you should do that anyway...?)

5. There is nothing you actually need or use in your bathroom drawers, only a few clippies and a hair brush. All items you'd like to see again in good condition have been carefully squirreled away, in high places where you child will never be able to get to them--for at least another 3 months.

4. Baby clothes marked 6-12 months look so small!

3. You actually consider looking through the trash before you take it out in case your child has managed to throw another book in there while you weren't looking. Then you realize that one less book really wouldn't be the worst thing.

2. You are asked to fill out a form listing all the drugs your child has taken in the last year, and you really don't remember. (No, he hasn't taken that many, but it's been a year for crying out loud!)

1. You are in no hurry for your child to start using "real words" for fear that you already know what he's not yet able to say.


  1. Haha! I especially like #10. We try to go out occasionally but are quickly reminded why we don't do that anymore! In reference to #9-I still say peanut butter and jelly counts as dinner.

  2. Oh, God bless you. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who still has her treasured lit notes!


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