Spencer's First Birthday Party in Pictures...with lengthy captions

Waiting to "get the party started." If you knew how I'd envisioned the "party table" to look, you'd know why this was a disappointing set up. I just couldn't get it all pulled together. Fortunately (or unfortunately?), I'm the only one who will ever know or care.

A house full of family members upon waking from a nap did not sit well with Spencer. It took about ten minutes for him to decide that the circumstances pleased him enough to allow us to proceed with the festivities.

I learned that I have not in fact missed a life-long calling to baking. The cake WAS completely cool before I iced it. Luckily, when you put a bunch of lighted candles on something edible it automatically looks a little less ugly.

A room full of people singing to him--very nice.

It was a birthday miracle that he wore his cutie little hat! The first try was met with quite a negative response, but the second try was fast and apparently imperceptible amidst all the birthday distractions!

Thrilling gift from (my) Aunt Valerie. He still loves it. He would have been happy to stop there. I would have been happy to stop there. But, apparently, social protocol dictates that children be given grotesque amounts of material goods that they neither know they want nor need.

Loving his bee-bop band instruments from his Aunt Hillary, but not as much as he was loving the room packed full of people giving him their undivided attention. He walked each new gift around the room, grinning and waving it around like (happy and innocent) spoils of war.

You may notice the absence of the "baby with cake smeared all over his face" picture. That's because Spencer refused to eat cake. Trust me, I tried to entice him. However, once everyone left, he decided he would like a little string cheese.
Happy Birthday to him.

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  1. Looks like a great party! Love the birthday miracle hat-wearing. :)


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