Evelyn's Early Days

In your earliest days, I think I made the same mistake I made with your baby brother.  The "wisdom of the day" is not to over-bundle a baby, but the more layers I added, the better you slept. I think you were cold.

You are such a precious little girl.  We're overwhelmed by God's goodness to our family in His gift of you.

You were born on a Wednesday, and by Monday, you were already preferring Mommy hold you (by fussing when someone else was holding you).

Spencer asked to hold you a few days after we brought you home.  It was the first time since he held you at the hospital. He held you about ten seconds and was then ready to give you back, but it was very sweet.

Today he was telling me about your hair and your tongue.  He loves you so much and is having fun getting to know you--just like the rest of us.

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