Fall Is Coming...Please Notify the Mosquitoes

It was a beautiful day.  Cool enough to actually exert some energy without automatically having a heat stroke.  So, we dragged out the "bouncy house."  Spencer loved it, for a little bit.

Then he said his eyes were hurting and he needed his sunglasses.  So, of course, I obliged.  

Then they kept bouncing off, since, you know, they aren't sports equipment.

What to do?

He thought, perhaps, he should wear them on his head like Mommy. 

Then we practiced his audition to be in an upcoming Pantene toddler commercial.  Such bouncy hair, and roots almost just like Mommy's.  Who says you only get roots when you've had highlights?  I've never felt so natural-looking.  

Then, the real fun began.  He figured, if he couldn't keep his sunglasses on, he should probably take mine and run all over the back yard with them.  The expression below--one of pure joy--is experienced only when a little boy teases his mommy.  I tell ya, that pony-tail pulling starts early.  I thought once I got married I'd be done with all that.  Nope.  I had a son.

The glasses needed a ride down the slide, something Spencer hasn't done all summer.  He's not a fan of playing outside in the sweltering heat.  Who can blame him?

He and the glasses needed a wagon ride.  I actually agreed to a few laps around the back yard, on some level, probably hoping it'd get the baby here sooner. 

Afterwards, he bounced a bit more, but not before tossing my and his sunglasses out of the bouncy house simultaneously--such coordination.  I grabbed mine and put them back on.  No sooner had I done that, than he got out and told me he wanted me to sit in the chair.

I naively agreed, only to look up and see his mavericky little grin, and his hand poised for yanking my sunglasses back off.  I made a little game of it long enough to snap a picture.  See, earlier we had each been sitting in a chair, next to each other; and he'd acted like he'd genuinely enjoyed it--like it meant something to him.  Then, not fifteen minutes later, he used our special bonding activity to trick me.  And I totally fell for it.  Ladies, watch out.

"Ha!  Mom, how could you fall for that?"

And off to bounce again--with the glasses.

All in a day's work.  We hadn't had such a fun, non-discipline-requiring time outside in months maybe. I was just relishing it.  Then, we came in, and unbeknownst to me, a mosquito followed us.  Spencer started telling me his back "need(ed) keem," and I thought he was just itchy from the outdoors.  Finally, I looked up and saw a mosquito on his leg.  I tried to kill it and missed.  I went to get him some Benadryl cream, came back, and it was on his neck.  Ugh!  I HATE those!  I missed it AGAIN--I know, how embarrassing!  And I call myself an Arkansan...I think we went through it once more before I finally gave him some Benadryl orally.  He'd been eaten alive in less than two minutes--in the living room! 

Just one side, upper extremities.  They were all over him.  Poor thing.

But he's taking a good nap now.


  1. Lauren they are HORRIBLE. I spent last Saturday morning cleaning up the backyard - blowing dirt and debris off his "cabin" and playset, shoveling poop - trimming the crepe myrtles which are almost to the ground with blooms - etc etc etc.

    And then out came the flying demons.

    We haven't been out since. It's HORRIBLE. I killed three in his bathroom last night. In his bathroom!!!!

    And the word I just had to type to post this comment was "REWORISH."

    I like that word. Like you're sort of in a mood of worrying about something again - reworish. Sounds like a good Lauren or Todd word.

  2. huds does the same thing with my glasses :) maybe one day we'll miss it??


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