Exercising at One Week

Not me--Evelyn.

In honor of being one week old, she donned her bright, big-girl colored onesie and some leg warmers (because she's so trendy).  Apparently they were inspiring.  I thought she should have some tummy time, and she decided to use that time to work out her legs.

She's a strong little creature.  She should be.  She gained 6.5 ounces in 4 days.  "They" look for them to gain .5 oz. per day, so she more than tripled her goal.  Such an over-achiever.  

She loves to be warm, cuddled, and held by her mom AND her dad--(Hallelujah.)  She's been refluxing a little, and she chokes at least once or twice per feeding.  It makes for a little bit of a nervous mommy when she starts choking at 3 a.m.  I'm just not at my best in anyway at that time of day.  

We are doing our best to soak in all of her precious littleness.  I know it'll be gone before I know it.  She seems to like the car seat, which is another AWESOME character trait.  She does not love to have her diaper changed, but it usually makes her spit up.  As someone recovering from quite a bit of reflux myself, I can attest to the fact that it is horrible.  I don't blame her one bit for fussing; and I honestly put off diaper changes because she seems to be so uncomfortable during them at least fifty percent of the time.

At this point, she decided to quit putting up with my little "exercise" motif for her one week pictures.  She turned her head the other way and stopped moving completely.  Spencer and I played with her toys for quite a while, and I was sure she was asleep.  Eventually I peeked over to see her eyes wide open.  She was not sleeping.  She was just finished with us and our silly ways.  

So, I gave the girl a break and put her in her swing.  She conked out.  Another AWESOME character trait that has persisted for an entire week.  We'll take whatever we can get around here.  And what we can get right now is a lot of precious mixed in with many a marathon nursing session.

This is her pensive pose.  She loves to have her hands on and around her face, or in her mouth.  She does not love to be cold (but who does?).  She doesn't mind being swaddled, but she likes her arms to be out.  She can totally get onto her stomach if I lay her on her side.  That surprised me (don't worry, I was watching her), but I don't know if it should have or not.  

She's currently forced to listen to a steady stream of Wonder Pets, Backyardigans, Veggie Tales, Dora, and Diego, with a few WeeSing movies thrown in intermittently.  Oh well, she has to be ok with it, because that's when she's able to pack on the weight.  

Happy One Week, Evie Rose!  Thanks for bearing with your new family.  We're so glad you're here.  We promise it won't be boring.


  1. Sounds like a great and grateful first week!

  2. Congrats! She is adorable. Hope you are adjusting well to having two kiddos. I'm a wee bit (ok, a lot) nervous...


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