"Could I BE wearing any more clothes?"

If I ask Spencer to go get a shirt, or some shorts, or some underwear, he will run into his room and then run back down the hall to me giggling.  Once he gets to me, he will shove his fleece pajama pants in my face and burst into laughter.  The first time he did it was hysterical.  It's always fun to watch your kids have a sense of humor all their own (no matter how odd it might be).  Now, it's just sort of annoying.  But he gets a kick out of it every time.  However, today, he took it to a whole new level.

A couple of shirts and two layers of fleece pants over shorts.  Just the beginning.
Somehow me telling him we had to get dressed before we could go turned into him deciding to put on his favorite pair of fleece pajama bottoms and then to layer other jammies on top.   I wasn't totally opposed to the idea at first, because he does not try to dress himself very often, and when he does he quickly decides he can't do it.  So, I thought putting on a few superfluous articles of clothing for fun would be a great way to sneak in some practice, especially since it was his idea, thus making him very motivated to do it.  I had no idea the lengths to which he would take this little activity.

Apparently this is innate in males.  It was a total flash back to Friends.  Or maybe it's just innate in males with Joey's personality.  I don't want that to be true.

Gotta get that foot completely free.
Crackin' up at himself in the mirror.
He thought this was hysterical, and he was laughing so hard the first five to six layers, that he could hardly ask me to help him.

He liked to take a jump on the bed in between layers, as a sort of warm up for the next challenge.  Plus, when he jumps on his bed, he can see himself in the mirror above his dresser.

Tellin' me all about what we're doing next.  Note, the striped pants have been added.
Then, it became more of a challenge than anything else.  He was determined to wear every piece of pajamas in his drawer.  Thank goodness some of his pajamas were in the dirty clothes.

He also asked if Hillary and Natalie could come over to have a pajama party.  I wish I got a picture of the finished product; but at that point, it had ceased to be much fun.  He asked me to help him take it all off just minutes after achieving his goal.  It was quite an effort.

All in a day's work.  After this layer, we broke for lunch and a show.
I'm thinkin' horizontal stripes top and bottom might not be the answer if this was his actual size.
At final count, I think he had on eight shirts (two of them fleece) and ten or eleven pairs of pants (three of them fleece), and the first layer on top of his underwear was a pair of shorts.

Evelyn didn't know what to think.  But she certainly wanted to be a part of it, and she had a perceptive suspicion that she wasn't.  But even her screaming face is photo-worthy.

Precious, exhausting, "lazy" Saturdays.


  1. I'd better not do any...lunges.

    1. Lol! That is SO not the opposite of hiding someone's clothes!


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