Cuddling, Walking, And Looking Cute

August 5, 2012

You took multiple steps in a row a few different times the night I got home from helping Hillary and Tony move to Nashville.  Your daddy says you were not doing that while I was gone (I don't know if he's just telling me that to make me feel better or not).  I missed you so, and I love seeing you growing and learning and loving your little life.  You're such a sweet heart.  You just cuddled and hugged me for almost an hour.  You played some and then you'd come back over to be held some more.  I started to carry Spencer, and you screamed until I carried both of you.

August 7, 2012

This morning, you were taking a couple steps here and there like usual.  After we took Spencer to speech, you took the most steps I've ever seen you take on Gigi's soft, cushy carpet.  It cracks us up, because you always walk more when you know it won't hurt to fall (your brother, not so much!).  And, this evening, you have been walking all over the house!  It's like something clicked.  It seems like in another week we won't even remember a time when you weren't walking everywhere.

I took some sweet brother + sister pictures this morning.  My plan was for you two to sit or stand by the wall, but as soon as I would get you both over there and scoot back as fast as I could with the camera, you were both off (often in different directions).  Oh, well, you two had fun for a few minutes (the session did end in a screaming fit from your brother, but who's counting?)

"Don't help me, please!"

You're waving--that's hard to catch on camera

another wave

Closing your eyes like your brother used to do, although I think your'e doing it here because you're smiling.
"I'm outta here" 

This is the face you make when you say "Dis, dis"
Sweet little baby head

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  1. Cannot get over how big Spencer looks in these pics, with his new shoes. Lol Y'all make such beautiful children. :)


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