Cuter Than Cute

I've been composing an informative blog chronicling our history of involvement with various, talented photographers.  It, unfortunately, begins right after out wedding.  (Insert a sad, trying-to-be-resigned-to-it sigh.)  In it, I shamelessly praise the people who beautifully captured my little ones in all of their glory.  I include some of my favorite images from along the way, and I get to take a walk down memory lane while you, the reader, get to see a virtual parade of photographers who you should be calling to book a session.  But, alas, while I've written it a number of times in my head, I've yet to get it all straightened out in words on the screen.

So before I pull all of that together, I have to link you to our latest precious, pearl-filled photo session with the now Little Rock based photographer Jenny Stricklin.  So, without further ado, here's a little peek our Evelyn Rose at (almost) eleven months old.

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